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In the Balance section, you can see the real balance of your account, as well as the different entries of the transactions that are carried out.

You can find the following:

  • Current balance: The reclaimable balance in your account (without application of invoices or pending payments).
  • Pending sales payments: Indicates that you have already requested payment and it is in process.
  • Pending invoices: If there are payable invoices, they will be discounted and displayed here.
  • Confirmed Total: The balance you can claim (with the discount of invoices and pending payments already applied).

When the balance reaches the minimum threshold, a “Request payment” button appears.

  • Date: The date on which a transaction that affects the balance has been posted.
  • Transaction type: Type of movement made in the account (sales credit, sales settlement, payment of services, or revenue share).
  • Amount: The amount of the transaction.
  • Balance: The resulting accumulated balance after this transaction.

Note for the Admin: This information may vary depending on the setup being applied