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Depending on each DSP, you can add lyrics to your tracks as we explain here:

  1. Table of channels
  2. More information about some channels:
  3. Spotify Lyrics
  4. Instagram Lyrics
  5. What if I want my lyrics in time for a new release?

Table of channels

ChannelLyric provider + How they use it
SpotifyGenius: Spotify will only display lyrics in their app if selected by Genius’s in-house editorial team.MusixMatch: For non-curated catalogue, displays lyrics synchronized with Spotify on the MusixMatch app.
Apple Music / iTunesLyrics field of your tracks on the platformMusixMatch: As technology for an enhanced search experience, letting users search songs by lyrics, and for time synced lyrics.
FBRM (Instagram and Facebook stories)MusixMatch
AmazonMusixMatch + LyricFind 
Amazon AlexaMusixmatch’s data allows playback to be initiated by simply quoting a line or chorus.


More information about some channels:

Spotify Lyrics

Spotify lyrics are provided by Genius and MusixMatch.

In order for artists to have their lyrics on Spotify, they need to add their repertoire to MusixMatch.

In addition, Musixmatch has launched a new service Musixmatch for Music Creators, where artists and/or labels can sign up to upload and sync their lyrics.

Also, everyone can create an account on Genius and start transcribing lyrics and adding new songs and lyrics. However once this is done, does not mean it will be updated in Spotify. Genius + Spotify integration is solely handled by the Genius in-house team, which picks out songs based on popularity, brand collaborations, and the tastes of our content team. If you think an artist might qualify for the Spotify integration, please send a message to streetlights.

Instagram Lyrics

If a song does not currently have lyrics available, you will see “Lyrics aren’t available for this song”. Facebook Rights Manager team is working diligently to add new lyrics every day. Lyrics are being compiled and delivered to the channel by their lyric partner MusixMatch.

So, if you want to ensure that your lyrics are available in Stories you must register them to their lyric partner MusixMatch. Anyone can sing up and add lyrics to their song! 

What if I want my lyrics in time for a new release?

FBRM is asking labels to ensure their artists’ lyrics are available in time for their next release, and to have them sign up to become a Verified Artist at Musixmatch and use their New Release form