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Coming Home: Out Now on All Platforms

Colin Whittaker stands as a versatile musician, boasting prowess in flute, guitar, and vocals. Leading The Colin Whittaker Band, he serves as the creative nucleus, spotlighting his original compositions. In this musical journey, Colin is joined by a cadre of skilled musicians, among them his brother Mick Whittaker on bass, a partnership steeped in shared experiences from previous bands like Lemathus and Horizon.

Their collective efforts yield a stream of fresh tracks, each meticulously crafted through an immersive composition process. This dedication to excellence underscores the band’s commitment to delivering compelling music. Recently, the band, comprising members Mick Bedford, Wil Jackson, and Colin Whitaker, convened at Iga Studios to fine-tune their latest creation: Come Home

During their studio session, Colin shines a spotlight on each member, accentuating their unique contributions. From Mick’s drumming finesse to Will’s multifaceted role as a sound engineer and keyboardist, the ensemble’s diverse talents converge to shape their sonic landscape. Their music resonates not just locally but globally, with tracks finding resonance in places as distant as Southern Germany and Peru.

With ‘Come Home’ the band embarks on a new sonic journey, infusing their trademark style with disco-inspired beats and contemporary flourishes. The Reggae themed song adds depth and dimension to Colin’s songwriting, exemplifying the band’s collaborative spirit and organic creative process.

Despite their quest for perfection, the band remains grounded in the raw energy of live performances, striking a delicate balance between polished studio recordings and the spontaneity of on-stage dynamics. Their journey is one marked by passion, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to their craft, as they continue to captivate audiences with their music, both near and far.

The band is fully immersed in the process of creating music, dedicating their time and energy to consistently crafting new songs. They are focused on expanding their audience and increasing their reach day by day by sharing their exceptional music.

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