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How To Distribute Your Music (For Artists & Labels)

In this article I will explain to you how to add your music to our distribution platform. It’s quite straightforward and self explanatory, but this article is here just to guide you step by step just in case you need it. Remember that you can also reach out to us anytime via email, live chat or WhatsApp. 

Firstly as you may see, we are on the catalogue section. This is where you upload your music by selecting “ create a release.” For this you will need to add a title.

The next stageis where you have to add your release cover. The release cover has to be;

Size: 3000 – 5000 pixels (perfect square)

Format: JPG, TIFF or PNG (Max. 36 MB; RGB mode)

After adding your cover, you have to add what kind of artist you are,the label, what kind of primary and secondary genre it is, the album language and the UPC & reference number. If you do not have either it will automatically add one for you. The next step is where you click onto the ‘Licenses’ and add a license holder and license type and fill out the rest of the information. Then you also click save.

Next, you go onto the ‘Tracks’ section and add your track from your computer or the catalogue.

Lastly, you then go onto the next section which is “ Preview and distribute” This is where you distribute your release.

Remember to complete all the fields that are required, otherwise the distribution will not go through. If you know the names of all the artists and publishers and anything else then you can add them. If you don’t then you can ask whoever made the track, or the label if you have one. 

What is an IRSC? (international standard recording code).

If you plan to release music professionally, you must have this. The rights holder can identify and monitor the lifespan of their audio file using this IRSC code, whether they are an independent artist or a big record company.

It is possible to sell, track, and reorder goods through supply chains thanks to a UPC (Universal Product Code), which is how products are identified. Product identifying accuracy is guaranteed by a UPC. So make sure you include them in the submission otherwise we can assign one for you it’s no problem at all.